Easypointer®: raking & shaping excess mortar in only one movement



Raked mortars joints

Raked mortar joints are the trend of today. This style of brick joint is homogeneous, stronger and better looking. No wonder that architects prefer this joint to concave or extruded styles. With the Easypointer® pointer pin you can reduce time consumption.

Raking & shaping excess mortar in only one movement.


Adjustable pointer pin

The Easypointer® has an adjustable pointer pin of hardened steel. It rakes excess mortar out of the joint. In the same movement remaining mortar is shaped. The pointer pin can be adjusted easily for joint depths of 0 to 15 mm. It is available in different sizes.  The pins vary in width and shape.
The Easypointer® comes standard with a 7,5mm wide pointing pin. The number of variations is still increasing.

See the order page for an up to date overview.

Width of pointer pin


Advantages easypointer®:

  • The ergonomic shaped handle of the Easypointer® fits in your hand perfectly
  • Thanks to its inventive design your hand will always stay on a safe distance of the brick wall
  • Full control on the job
  • Excellent quality of brick joints
  • The solid wheels are wear-resistant so constant depth of the joint is guaranteed.
  • The Easypointer® has an adjustable pointer pin of hardened steel. The pointer pins are available in different widths and depths
  • Because it’s made of aluminium, the handle is ultra light
  • The Easypointer® is easy to clean. No additional maintenance is required
  • Have a good time with this excellent tool, job after job
  • Last but not least the Easypointer® brings more job variation for the bricklayer

Safety: an adequate distance of the brick wall.


Result raked & shaped joints

Examine the result of joints which have been raked & shaped by the Easypointer®. New variations of pointing pins are in development, to create special joints.

Thanks to the adjustable pointer pin a time saving of 50% can be achieved on the job. Remove your scaffolding earlier. Your bricklayer can start his next job sooner

In short: you gain building time



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