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What is pointering?

Pointering or point mastering is a grouting technique that is performed using a grout roller, such as the Easypointer, and the pointer pin. Pointering is a collective word for simultaneously scratching out and brushing through a joint. This creates a deeper joint and at the same time a smooth joint. Excess mortar is removed. Pointering is the grouting technique of the moment and is used for aesthetic, economical and structural reasons.


Aesthetic pointering for livelier brickwork

What is aesthetic pointering? This is a masonry style that is used in so-called '30s houses. This masonry style is more lively because shadows are cast in the masonry. Although normal pointering was used in the thirties, this style of construction lends itself very well to pointering.


Economic, bricklayer can point continuously

Why is there an economic advantage? There are three reasons why pointering is economically advantageous:

  • Pointering with the Easypointer is a continuous operation. After (a part of) the masonry has been laid, you can immediately start pointering (as long as the mortar has not yet hardened). The bricklayer can therefore continue to pointer continuously, without having to stop in between, for example to pick up new material, such as grout when grouting. This reduces time considerably.
  • After pointering, your work is done! Finished pointering? There is no need to grout afterwards. You only need to scrape and brush in one movement. This saves a lot of time.
  • Pointering has a positive influence on the aesthetics of the building. This can result in value-increasing results. This cannot be expressed in hard figures, but in the bigger picture pointered walls are considered to be more attractive than non-pointered walls.


Architecturally better brickwork

Pointering ensures that the mortar is not only scratched out and smoothed, but also compacted. The mortar is pressed closer together (also called compacting). This results in better weather resistance and the end result of the mortar is also firmer, which leads to a more solid wall.

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