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What is a joint roller / point master?

The Easypointer is part of the grout roller category, a synonym for which is also known as the pointer master. We have developed the Easypointer so that the joints of your masonry are pressed on, but also finished at the same time. In professional terms, this is known as scraping off and smoothing over. A job that is done with a normal grouting tool is more difficult. With the Easypointer, the hardened pointer pin is set to a specific joint depth of 0 to 15 mm.

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The ideal tool for grouting joints

The Easypointer joint roller can be adjusted to suit your requirements. You can create different joint types, such as 'flat', 'profiled' or 'shadow'. You also have a choice of both grout depth and grout width. Different hardened grouting pins are available for joint widths.

Do not forget your grouting tool

The Easypointer is less suitable for flat masonry, such as quarry stone. This makes it more difficult to drive through the joints. This can lead to different depths in the masonry. Keep your grouting tool for in these cases.


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