Easypointer (Single Wheel) - Easypointer® - Uitkrabben en doorstrijken in één handeling

Easypointer (Single Wheel) – Raking & Shaping in a single movement.

The Easypointer mortar roller makes the work of a builder or bricklayer much easier. It is the ideal grouting tool!

12 reasons why you should get the Easypointer

  1. The ergonomic handle provides extra comfort and maximum grip.
  2. Your hand stays at a safe distance from the wall because of the unique grouting roller design.
  3. Easypointer keeps you in control of your work.
  4. The pointered joints are of excellent quality.
  5. The solid wheels are particularly wear-resistant and guarantee a constant joint depth, even after frequent use.
  6. The pointer pin is extra hardened, depth adjustable, several widths and versions available.
  7. Lightweight, yet sturdy handle made of aluminium.
  8. The Easypointer® is easy to clean.
  9. Guarantees years of enjoyment from this tool, job after job.
  10. Adjustable pointer pin, various grout depths from 0 to 15mm.
  11. Brickwork and pointering in one day.
  12. Always 50% time saving, by scraping out and grouting in one movement.

Easypointer voordelen

Easypointer veiligheid


Joint smoothing - Today's trend!

Pointering joints is not only beautiful. It is also more homogenous (a more even result) and stronger. Joints are pressed in harder. Architects also often choose this technique over conventional grouting. The Easypointer can also save 50% in time by scraping out and brushing through in one operation.


The same advantages with the Easypointer Single Wheel

Raking & Shaping over hard-to-reach areas? Then the jointing roller, Easypointer Single Wheel, is the solution. It has the same advantages as the standard Easypointer. This Single Wheel, as the name suggests, has only one wheel. This makes it easy to go along a windowsill for example.

Easypointer Single Wheel
Easypointer doorstreken voeg

The end result is a clean and nicely smoothed joint!

Thanks to the Easypointer® (Single Wheel) with its adjustable pointer pin, there is a time saving of up to 50% on the job site, even in hard to reach places. The scaffolding can be removed sooner and the staff can be deployed more quickly for more work.

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