Welcome to the new Easypointer® website. Easypointer® is a clever building tool enabling raking & shaping of excess mortar of brick joints.

Easypointer® has been invented while building, tested on the building site and improved ever since. Therefore Easypointer is such a well designed and thought-out tool.

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 It provides always a 50% reduction in building time. When shaping is done: your scaffolding can be removed.

Reduce your building time with Easypointer®.

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Step 1

During bricklaying green mortar is applied to fill all joints. After laying a brick excess mortar is removed by a trowel. When your wall is finished you apply Easypointer®. Rake & shape horizontal joints.

Step 2

Rake & shape vertical joints. Immediate result. The required joint depth is achieved in one movement.

Step 3

Brush firmly for final touch. Loose and nonsticking mortar residues are swept away now. A raked mortar joint is homogeneous, stronger and fine to see.

Step 4

Ready! Always the best quality. Always time-saving. No joint-filler required anymore.
And after shaping your scaffolding can be removed. NOW YOU’R REALLY SAVING MONEY!!

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