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Pointer pins and service set

Pointer pins

Pointer pins are available in various widths within our range from 4.5mm to 13.5mm. Each Easypointer comes with a 7.5mm wide hardened pointer pin as standard.

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The advantage of a hardened pointer pin is that it is of better quality and therefore lasts longer. In addition, the Easypointer has an adjustable pointer pin. This means that the height (or joint depth) can be adjusted from 0 to 15mm.

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Easypointer voegpennen

Easypointer service set

When using the Easypointer for a longer period of time it is possible that certain parts of the Easypointer start to wear out. In order not to have to buy a brand new Easypointer, service sets have been created especially for this purpose. This allows you to replace the part you need.

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