Mortar Roller / Pointmaster

The mortar roller is also referred to as the 'pointmaster' or (on our website), an 'easypointer'. A mortar roller is used to press and finish the joints in your masonry. A job that is much more difficult to perform using a regular pointing-iron, the Easypointer ® now makes your job much easier!

By pressing the mortar with the Easypointer®, you ensure that the joint is reinforced but also neatly finished at the same time; no longer requiring any additional pressing.


The Easypointer is customisable. Consider, for example, the creation of different types of mortar joints, such as 'flat', 'profiled' or 'shadow'.

Also, the depths in the mortar joints are extremely easy to determine. The Easypointer® makes smoothing out the mortar easier.


The mortar roller is not suitable for flat mortar, such as quarry stone. Smoothing out the joint can be tricky here, causing potential discrepancies in the mortar. So make sure to keep your pointing-iron!

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